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Binary options trading is a preferred way of generating income online because it is a simple and time-preserving method. And complete novices can also take part in it. Binary options is an industry that does not require any knowledge or previous experience in finance or trading to participate. Some of the most attractive aspects of the industry are how easy it is to trade binary options, the fact that you do not actually buy the asset, and that you can see the result of the investment in real time.

Because of this, lots of inexperienced traders jump into the “fast lane” and trade on the so-called Hyper options – those with expiry less than 5 minute. Even though, short-term binary options range from 30 seconds to 1 hour, lots of people find expirations longer than 5 minute to be too lengthy for their tastes. What most traders do not realize is the fact that the smaller the expiration time, the higher the risk carried by the option. This is because the asset does not have the time to settle into a trend and the volatility of its movements is greater.

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On the whole, trading short-term binary options requires lots of skills and the execution of an appropriate strategy. Steeds, no easy way exists to predict how the value of the asset will behave in the short-term. Short terms are characterized by the fact that even the smallest market activity might influence the price of an asset. It is our advice for newbie traders to stick to binary options with long-term expirations. If it is their desire to try their luck in the short term, here is some information on 15 minute binary options strategy that might come in handy.

Why a 15 Minute Binêre opsies strategie?

A 15 minute binary options strategy might sound lengthy but it offers a longer period of time in which the trader can study the movement and observe the trend of an asset’s value. This can turn out to be essential for the trader’s decision. It can make the difference between winning and losing the trade. ook, volume and liquidity changes can be observed over the longer time period.

An important thing to remember here is that no matter what your strategy is, make sure you are familiar with the market behavior of the asset. Choose an asset you know well or are ready to commit to and get to know inside and out. Reading analyses on historical data, following different indicators and understanding what influences the change in value of a given asset might turn out to be crucial for the trading success. It is true that binary options trading is the simplest way to invest and it does not require a Masters degree in a financial field, but you should look after your own interests and educate yourself.

When to Use 15 Minute Binêre opsies strategie?

wonderingEven though 15 minutes give enough time for an asset to settle into a trend, this does not mean that at the moment of expiration the value will not reach an inflection point – where the movement sharply and suddenly changes direction.

That is why it is good to be familiar with the ways to trade different binary options types with 15 minute expiry.


  • Range Options – a high and a low point of the asset’s value indicate a range. To win the trade, the price should not touch either of the boundaries. Historical analyses of the asset’s price can show patterns in which the asset has kept a certain “bound” trend. This is a good type of option to trade when choosing a 15 minuut binêre opsies strategie.
  • High/Low Options – the 15 minute binary options strategy gives traders the opportunity to observe the asset movements longer and to sport a possible trend. Knowledge of historical data is desirable, but it is not demanded. The best tactic is to place the trade at the beginning of the trend so that it keeps it up the same way until the expiration. Investors should keep close attention to their trade, since 15 minutes are enough time for a trend reversal to occur.

First Time With a 15 Minute BO Strategy?

Like we mentioned, there are some things that is good to be known when applying a 15 minuut binêre opsies strategie. Historical data plays a key role in the successful application of this strategy. There are comprehensive charts and analyses on every asset that can be traded with binary options. Additional reading can be done about what MACD indicators are. In short, this is a fundamental part of the technical analyses. It is one of the simplest indicators and easiest to understand. MACD stands for Moving Average Convergence Divergence. It is an indicator that follows the trend and the “divergence” occurs when the price of the asset diverges from the MACD – this is a clear signal that a change in trend is about to occur.

Some people think that trading binary options with expirations longer than 5 minutes is not profitable. On the contrary – 15 minute binary options offer almost the same payouts and conditions to trade. en, as an advantage, the possibility to predict the correct outcome of a trade and win it is higher with short-term binary options with longer expiration times. Applying a 15 minute binary options strategy is a middle ground which has proven itself to be highly profitable as well.


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Steeds, Ons sukkel om die goeies te vind en voorsien u met hul onbevooroordeelde resensies en kliënt terugvoer. Handel binêre opsies is nie absoluut gratis van risiko, maar ons kan help om dit te verminder.

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