The first step to understand binary options strategy system is to understand what an option is. An option is a financial instrument or contract that provides the buyer of the option the right to buy or sell a product at a specific price (the strike price) within a specific time period (the expiration date). The buyer or owner of the option, however, is not obliged to exercise the contract, thereby justifying the name “option”.

A binary option, on the other hand, is an option that has two possible types of payoff- either there is a fixed amount of return if the option expires in the money (the strike price is less than market price) or nothing at all if the option expires out of the money (the strike price is higher than the market price); making it more like a financial betting, hence the importance to have the right binary options strategy system.

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Binary Options Strategy System: How It Works?

Binary options are very popular exotic options (which means these are different from the vanilla options), which can cover a wide range of underlying financial assets. These are used for both speculation and hedging; the latter being more popular. However, trading in binary options is not an easy affair. It requires developing a binary options strategy system over a period of time. This article starts with a brief idea of binary options and then goes on to discuss how to develop the binary options strategy system.

Types of Binary Options Strategy System

Binary options strategy system will depend on the type of the same. Like any other vanilla option, these could also be either call or put in nature. The profit or loss in case of both are known at the time of buying the option. In terms of duration before expiry, binary options can have a period of a few minutes to a few months. Most of the binary options are of European style. This means that the binary option can be exercised only at the expiration. There could be another style of exercising a binary option- the American style, where the binary option is automatically exercised whenever it becomes in the money, and the buyer of the option gets the payoff without waiting for the whole duration. Binary options can be settled through either physical settlement (asset or nothing) or cash settlement (cash or nothing).

Binary Options Strategies

Binary options strategy systems can be categorised into two broad types. One is based on betting models and the other is based on statistical market prediction models. The first type of strategies assume that even if the trader is not skilled at predicting the market, he can succeed using right timing and right amount of investment, with a high probability. Martingale type of betting can be mentioned in this case as an example. In martingale Binary options strategy system, the trader is expected to double the previous investment in successive rounds till hitting a winning round. The idea is to offset the loss from the previous round. This is also known as grinding. However, the loss in this case may exponentially increase; making this strategy a risky one. Another way of betting could be by using traders’ sentiment indicators. But the reliability of this method is also very low.

In the second type of binary options strategy system, statistical techniques are used to predict market movements, and accordingly decisions are made. For example in technical chart analysis, it is assumed that the market repeats itself. Based on this, a large amount of historical data is analysed with a few indicators. Reasonable amount of reliable predictions can be made in this case.

Even if one is not an expert in statistical prediction models, one can try fundamental analysis model, which takes into account the overall economic scenario to predict the future movements of the market. Some of the macroeconomic indicators are updated daily and can be availed online.

Psychology for Success

However, it must be understood that no matter what kind of binary options strategy system one is using, there is never a 100% guaranteed success. Every trader should be prepared mentally to accept failure, and realign his strategy. Therefore, it requires one to be professionally disciplined with high emotional quotient.

People who make a lot of money in binary options, use strategies that are simple and manageable. It is important to check oneself from investing all available capital or placing big bets or not thinking about risk mitigation mechanism and relying purely on gut feeling.

How to Choose Binary Broker?

right choiceIn order to start trading online you need to open an account with legit and trusted broker. In this field there are numerous non-regulated brokers, most of them with shady reputation.

Still, we are struggling to find the good ones and provide you with their unbiased reviews and customer feedbacks. Trading binary options is not absolutely free of risk but we can help you minimize it.

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