Let us start by saying that Binary Options is a relatively new form of investment, which may look to be very simple in its operation, but is, in reality, equally hard. That is the reason why quite a few people often opt for managed binary accounts. What are these? Well, think of having a representative for a sale of property you are conducting to whom you have delegated all the powers of trading your property. This seemed like a great idea at the beginning wherein you believed that the person’s credentials were good enough to give you a good return.

However, that is where the problem lies. What looks good on paper might not actually be so, and thus, while managed binary options accounts might seem like a great alternative to doing the work by yourself, it might be quite different in reality.


If you are not sure that you want to confide your account to somebody, you can always gain experience and develop strategies of your own in order to make more profits. Strategies are a great way to assure yourself in trading and their multiple use can only improves you.

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What is Binary Options Managed Account?

Before going any further, it needs to be understood what a managed account really is and why people actually opt for it. Let us start with the fact that letting professionals do the work for you sure does sound good. After all, promises from someone who seems to be much more capable of handling your funds may seem like a great choice. However, it is important to understand that at the end of the day these people are regular men and women like you and me who are out there to make a living for themselves.

Thu, while it may seem like a great option when it comes to delegating your duties, it might not actually yield as much profit as you expected. It is quite similar to the example wherein you appoint a dealer to sell your property. The person is just as prone to make a wrong decision, and thus, even if the profits seem to be good initially, it may go down and will not last on the long run at the same level.

Another thing that most managed accounts offer is a bot. In essence, almost all binary trading websites offer promises of unsupervised bots with promises of up to 80% returns. However, you need to understand that a bot will never be able to surpass or even equal a human brain. While these promises may seem great, the best option is to stay away from such lures, and instead operate the account by yourself. After all, even if something goes downhill, it will be your own decision and not some automatic program which made the mistake.

Types of Binary Options Managed Accounts

Now, there are 2 kinds of Binary Trading accounts that operate in today’s market. The first is the one above, which operates directly on the lever of the brokers. The second and much riskier version is the third party websites which simply provide the interface between the brokers and you. The 3rd party binary options managed accounts are slowly taking over the internet and seem to be offering ridiculous amount of returns.

Some even claim to be able to make you into a millionaire within a fortnight now, we take all our news with a pinch of salt and thus, while we will not outright debunk these claims, what we advise you to do is research deeply into any such site which promises fantastic claims of returns in absurd timeframes with next to no experience required. This is especially true if the aforementioned websites do not reveal concrete information on exactly how their software are supposed to be able to make you the profits they promise since more often than not, these claims seem to be some large hoax which are covered in the disclaimers on the website, tucked in one corner.

Another aspect to consider is the fact that the winning amounts that you make from Binary Options are actually paid from the pockets of the brokerage. So, are they really trustworthy in handling your money? After all, who would like their own employer to lose money? Also, how trusted are these account managers in reality? Do they actually possess the credentials they advertise? In the virtual world, going through all the layers of misinformation and finding out a real piece of authentic news is hard work, but be sure to get down to your researches before you decide to invest your funds. After all, most account managers tend to be a lot less careful with money that is not their own.

Managed Binary Options Trading – Is it Risky or Not?

riskyIf you lose your own investment through a mistake, well, there is nothing that could have been done since it was your money and it was a fault on your part. If the same happens through someone else, this becomes a major problem. This is common psychology, and thus, especially a point that you need to understand before you opt for a managed Binary Options trading account.

Since you will essentially be giving all your rights to manage your account, and your money to an external agent, you will have to accept this fact for yourself. Be ready to reconcile yourself even if you lose some money. It is the same as letting someone borrows a precious old book and then finding it slightly dented while being returned. At the maximum, what the person returning it will do is shrug a little and say ‘Sorry’.

The problem lies in the fact that you have to accept that sorry since you were the person who lent it out in the first place. It might have been you who would have done the same, but it sure does not mean that it will feel the same doing it. In the same way, while a binary options managing firm might be more experienced than you in risk assessment, but that does not mean that it will be absolutely risk free; and if any site advertises it to be otherwise, we recommend you to simply turn around and walk away as there is another option – to use a trading robot instead.

Playing Against all Odds and Winning

In the world of Binary Options, or even any kind of trading, from Forex, commodity to stocks, everything carries with it some amount of risk. However, this does not mean that you should let someone else manage the whole account for you. Consider a scenario here. You are promised a return of guaranteed 5% on your investment if you let the automated system take care of your investments.

Since you have no idea how the actual thing works, you happily accept the proposition. So, a well-placed opportunity arrives, and sure enough, you see your investments rising. The account trader decides that the return will be even better if the option is kept a little higher. So you see the investment being held.

Suddenly, the market crashes and you find that all your investment is gone. You go back to check on what happened to your guaranteed 50% return and find that it was only a guide as to what might have been in the optimal case and was not really promised. Even if it was, you have no proof to the same and cannot do anything. Ask yourself this: Is this kind of a risk worth your time?

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It is impossible to come out of a trading scenario absolutely unscathed. This statement is the absolute truth because having a no loss scenario is only guaranteed if you can look into the future. Now, seeing as we do not have that kind of facility available to us, let us assure you that it is impossible to profit all the time. Maybe you will profit with the managed account, maybe the person managing it is actually experienced, maybe he is actually looking out for your account instead of looking out to fill his own pockets, maybe the trade will go smoothly. That’s one too many maybe’s in the factor, and considering this is real money we are talking about, even one maybe can cause you some real hard earned cash.

Another very important thing is the scammers. Not a day goes by when we do not see an email from some good hearted millionaire who is out there to share all his secrets on binary trading with us. With promises of profits in millions with no experience in just days, it is easy to see how this would be highly lucrative. We have just one thing to say here: STAY AWAY. You can only trust those binary options trading services like software, automated systems and brokers that can be recommended and are proved to be safe and scam-free. While we will not say all of them are fake, seeing as how lucrative this industry is, most of them are. Better be safe than sorry. So make your choice wisely!

Final Words – Is an Account Manager a Good or a Bad Thing?

While it is true that you may not be the best binary options traders in the world, the fact remains that you will look out for your own investments. We will not purposefully try to make ourselves lose a trade and while the returns might not be as great as those promised, seeing as those promises are just guidelines; I would rather take the risk myself than delegating it to someone else. While a good broker might give you tools or the support needed to trade online, they will not give you tips on how and where to do it. Steer clear of any firm which might promise otherwise and you will be fine.

After all, no one would care for your funds as much as you would, and the sooner you learn to understand that, the better protected you will be in the virtual world of trading. In short, learn the trade, face the setbacks and grow in the process to take back full control of your own investments by yourself.

How to Choose Binary Broker?

right choiceIn order to start trading online you need to open an account with legit and trusted broker. In this field there are numerous non-regulated brokers, most of them with shady reputation.

Still, we are struggling to find the good ones and provide you with their unbiased reviews and customer feedbacks. Trading binary options is not absolutely free of risk but we can help you minimize it.

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