Auto Money Generator is a new binary options trading system that promises to accumulate its users fine profits. Mutta se onnistuu tässä tehtävässä? Onko se hyvä voitto vahvistava ratkaisu tai vain seuraavan petollinen ohjelmisto, joka haluaa hyödyntää kokeneita ja tulokas kauppiaille?

We were unable to find enough information about the Auto Money Generator binary robot software. Tämän vuoksi se, emme voi luokitella sitä huijaus tai legit yksi.

Olisi parasta, jos rajoittaa itse tästä binary robotti ja Kauppa Trusted Software testattu tiimimme.

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AutoMoney Generator Review

Nykyään, every binary options robot out there and its creators claim that they are not trying to sell you anything but freedom. They try to appeal to the desire of every person to be financially independent, free and able to afford the “good life”. And quite often, they succeed. Only later do people realize that the have fallen for a scam that has ripped them off. That is why we conduct our investigations – to protect the traders. A similar investigation was made on the so called Auto Money Generator by Paul Raven and the following review summarizes our findings.


Is Auto Money Generator a Scam?

Paul Raven is the person who introduces this new binary trading software to the trading community. He is a faceless voice on a presentational video that runs longer than we wished for. We are told nothing about Raven’s past.

Just that he lost all of his money during the global crisis of ’08 and discovered online trading. But he wished to trade automatically. And that is how the idea of AutoMoneyGenerator was born. What made us think that this software is a complete scam and is not to be trusted, was the claim that traders “do not even need to know how the system works”. Actually, this is very important for every self-respecting trader out there. And since the mechanics behind Auto Money Generator are so heavily guarded we do not think that this is a reliable automate trading system.

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How Does AutoMoneyGenerator Work?

Despite the fact that there is no information provided on the technology used for creating this software, we are told some random figures describing the performance of AutoMoney Generator.

According to Mr. Raven, his software makes 61,3% less losing trades than any other binary trading system out there. He calls it an Artificial Intelligence in the world of trading. Auto Money Generator supposedly places only trades that have a 99% chance to be winning. This is something that heavily limits the number of trades that can be executed per day, because no trade can have such a high percent of probability to be winning.

Myös, AutoMoney Generator is said to have an average winning ratio of 92% which is also very high and probably false. Very few are the trading systems that have been proven to work with such high winning rates. None of the numbers claimed by Raven about the Auto Money Generator binary options robot have been verified by real traders. Päinvastoin, most of those who have already fallen for this scam are extremely frustrated with the poor performance of the trading bot. We advise you to stay safe and away from Auto Money Generator. Sen sijaan, you can join a proven to work automated trading system.


The process is fairly simple, although we are against you joining this obvious scam. There are three steps involved in getting started with AutoMoney Generator:

  • Sign Up and Deposit – while the sign up is free, you still have to deposit at least $250 into your newly opened trading account with a broker of their choice, to be able to start trading.
  • Käydä kauppaa – due to the fact that the software will place trades that have 99% or more probability of a win result, the number of investments you would be able to make is very limited.
  • Withdrawals – we have no reliable information whatsoever on the reliability of the withdrawals.

lopullinen Yleistä

AutoMoney Generator does not seem to be a reliable online trading solution. The binary options industry is vast enough and offers much better opportunities for traders. You can find profitable software if you look hard enough and not fall for the first scam that crosses your way. We are making effort to make your job easier by providing you with information and investigations on both legitimate and scam systems. Meidän mielestämme, AutoMoneyGenerator is not a binary options robot you can trust.

lopullinen Verdict

High_risk_stamp_t10StrategyThe investigation we executed into the matter whether the Auto Money Generator binary options trading software is trustworthy or not did not provide reliable enough data. Tämä tarkoittaa, että se on todennäköisesti huijaus. As Auto Money Generator can not be regarded as a profitable and safe solution, neuvomme kaikkia käyttäjiämme kääntyä luotettu robotti.

Tämä on ainoa tapa olla varma, että voittoja on suojattu ja turvallinen.

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