simpleJust like at the beginning of any project we make a plan of how to go from point A to point B, so it is even with trading in binary options. Imagine if you don’t have any sound strategy but make wild guesses for trading what will you end up with? The computer term- garbage in, garbage out, will describe this best. In effect you should have a plan and some strategy to gain from trading in binary options.

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Though there are many strategies available for trading in binary options, here we will discuss simple binary options trading strategy. Though you might be able to choose one simple binary options trading strategy that works for you most of the time, it is important to remember that there is no strategy in the world that is totally fail-safe. So even if your strategy works 60-70 % of the time and generates money for you steadily over a period of time you may consider this as the simple binary options trading strategy that is good for you.

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Let’s Learn about Simple Binary Options Trading Strategy!

Market Volatility Test Strategy

Deze simple binary option trading strategy is based on the volatility of markets, so all you need to understand before placing your trade is to know whether the asset on which you are trading is going up or down.

The simple basis of this strategy is that the market corrects itself after a certain period of time and studying the movement of the asset that you want to trade in and predict whether the asset will move up or down in the next 15 notulen. This is a simple binary options trading strategy where once you enter your broker’s trading platform with the 15 minute trading option you are going to see a chart showing the movement of the asset over the last 45 notulen.

When you see the chart, you have to see the direction against the opening price. If the current value of the asset is lower than its opening price then you should buy a call option based on this theory of market correction according to which the market corrects itself.

So as the price had been going down, now it should go up. On the other hand if the current price is more than the original price, you should buy a put as the price is likely to fall. The average of this strategy being successful is about 60%; but don’t think that this is a bad average because whenever you are successful you may make upto 85% of the original amount.

Trading with Fundamental Analysis

This is another simple binary options trading strategy without using complicated tools or indicators. This strategy is based on using fundamental economic conditions to predict the direction of market movement. All it takes is to read a lot and be aware of things happening in the global economy.

Let’s understand this by a simple example of the global economic happenings in the year 2008 related to banks and other financial institutions regarding loans etc. Though this bubble had been forming since the year 2006, the burst came in 2008 and there was a great hue and cry around the world. Now as a normal smart person it is easy to predict that the circumstances will definitely push the markets down and you should either lessen your investments or buy put in order to gain from the negative market conditions.

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Another situation that can be studied to strengthen your faith in this simple binary options trading strategy is that if there is an imminent possibility of a war being declared between 2 countries then it is obvious that the chances of the markets going up are limited while those of the market going down are plenty. There are many such fundamental things which can be used to predict the market movement direction.

The basic awareness that you have about the economy, not just in your country or region but across the globe and the ability to read these signals correctly will decide whether this simple binary options trading strategy works for you or not. This strategy works most of the time but always remember- nothing is right 100% of the time. Gradually as you gain experience it will become easier for you to be able to predict correctly.

Hoe te kiezen Binary Broker?

goede keuzeOm te beginnen met de handel online moet u een rekening openen bij legit en vertrouwde makelaar. Op dit gebied zijn er tal van niet-gereguleerde brokers, de meeste van hen met schaduwrijke reputatie.

Nog, we hebben moeite om de goede te vinden en bieden u met hun onpartijdige beoordelingen en klantenservice feedbacks. De handel in binaire opties is niet absoluut vrij van risico, maar wij kunnen u helpen minimaliseren.

Door dagelijks de markt te onderzoeken en naar aanleiding van de financiële nieuws, het team van Top10BinaryStrategy is altijd up-to-date met de nieuwste waarschuwingen, en aanstaande lanceringen van handelssystemen, en makelaars.

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