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Overall Score8.4/10

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The Brit Method is a binary options online trading platform which is designed to perform investing operations on autopilot mode. Jason Taylor is the created of the software and he is also the person who leads the presentation of the product during the promo video.

We would like to carefully review to working parameters and performance of the platform in order to provide our readers with all the relevant and important information, they should be aware of. The whole purpose is for us to define on whether the Brit Method is a legit trading robot or not.


First, we have to tell you that our research shows that The Brit Method is a system that repetitively scans the market for profitable opportunities. When it finds such, it immediately places real trades on the behalf of its members. As a result, the robot generates significant profits and all the stated numbers have been confirmed by them and by our trading tests, as well.

Read the following review to find out more interesting and important information, related to the Brit Method’s trading performance and characteristics.

How to Profit with The Brit Method?

Profiting with the system is easy and granted because it just has all the necessary tools to be a successful and powerful trading partner. The software is packed with a complex trading algorithm which can locate and identify every single profitable trading opportunity. Then it takes advantage of it by placing a winning trade on the market. And the best thing is that all the accumulated earnings are going to your account.


No Download

Brit Method is browser-based so you won’t need to install and download any additional files and packages. You can run the Brit Wealth System from your browser and even on your phone, thanks to the mobile version of the software, which is accessible by both Android and iOS devices.

How to Start with The BritMethod?

You only need to sign up in the system by providing some information about you in the available form. Then, you will be transferred to a trusted broker service. Once that happens, you will be asked to place initial deposit in your trading account in order to have the right to trade otherwise you cannot do that because you won’t have what to trade with. The needed deposit amount may vary bit it cannot be higher than $200 -$300 which is really acceptable.

Everything depends on you but we advise newbie traders to start with smaller investment and experienced traders should place around $500 to maximize their profits.


The Brit Method scores amazing success rate which starts from 80% and can go to 87%. All this comes to show that traders who are using the robot can easily earn between $1,000 and $2,000 per day. Our experience tells us that this is one of the most profitable systems, available on the market.



The Brit Method gives free access to all the people who manage to get a spot. There are no hidden taxes, additional costs, delayed payments or trial periods. You can trade as soon as you finish your registration.

The Brit Method – Scam or Legit Robot?

Taking into consideration the positive reviews and feedback related to the performance of this trading robot, we can issue a positive final verdict. The Brit method is not a scam but legit and profitable binary options online trading platform. The system obviously provides its users with a great number of opportunities. Not to mention the fact the creator, Mr. Taylor is a man with significant background and enviable trading experience. Logically, he has managed to create a properly working robot. We recommend it to you and we are sure that it will bring you the expected profits on regular basis.

Review Verdict: Brit Method is Not a Scam

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Customer Support

The system provides all its members with a reliable and responsive 24/7 available customer support service. It will guide you each time you have any question or problem. The contact channels you can use to get in touch with the support team are e-mail and chat. Also, even traders who don’t speak English can rely on this special service.


anna“I joined the Brit Method as soon as I watched the promo video because I was somehow sure it was reliable and solid system. As a result, my profits starter piling from the first trading day. The withdrawal procedure is smooth and fast and now I regularly add significant income to my bank account. Therefore, I believe everyone should opt for the system. “

Anna, 55, Frankfurt


Good_choice_stamp_t10StrategyOur team of specialists and professional traders remained really surprised by the trading experience we had with The Brit Method. It works like the best binary trading platforms do, so we undoubtedly declare it is 100% legit, stable and authentic.

If you are willing to participate in a successful, easy and profitable online business, this binary auto-trading robot should be the best offer for you. Just give it a try and we are sure that you won’t regret it.

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