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Overall Score8.2/10

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Developed by Daniel Avery and Rick Paulson, the Crunch Tech software is a state of the art auto trading program. The program can be synchronized with a broker and you can use it from anywhere in the world.

Before the software is officially released to the public, the developers are giving traders the chance to test it and provide their honest feedback. What we like about the system is that it doesn’t claim to make you a millionaire overnight unlike what scam systems do. This is one of the things that impressed our team and therefore we decided to dig out more details about it. We have established the facts about Crunch Tech and we strongly recommend that you read our review before you proceed. crunch

Review Verdict: Crunch Tech is NOT a Scam
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CrunchTech – Scam or Safe System?

Is Crunch Tech genuine or not is a question that many traders are having these days. You may also have some doubts about it being legit, but let me tell you that our testing has proven that Crunch Tech is a 100% legit software. Whether it is the screenshots on their website, their promotional video or the details provided about the company and its developers, everything is genuine and correct.

Basically, when a software is reliable and works to meet the expectations of traders, then there is no need to provide fake results or information. This is exactly what the team behind the creation of Crunch Tech is doing. They have only made promises which are achievable. They assign you to brokers who are reputable and regulated. Even traders who have tested the software say that it delivers the best results.

Can You Open Free Account With CrunchTech?

The developer is offering a trial period of 90 days within which you can use the system to earn profits. After the initial trial period, you can cancel your membership or continue using it for a monthly subscription of $790. You may think that the monthly cost of using the system is very high, but once you start using it, you will see that it has the potential of making thousands of dollars every week.

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How Does Crunch Tech Work?

When this software was being developed, the idea was to make the platform accessible for a larger number of people. This is the reason, the developers have made sure that the trading interface is very simple and easy to use so even newcomers can perform trading tasks without any difficulties. The Crunch Tech software operates on algo-trading algorithms which also incorporates fundamental and tech analysis.

It makes use of advanced and innovative trading methods to bring out the best trading signals for you. The best part about how this system works is that it is capable of opening a larger volume of trades automatically than a trader can manually do.

The Unique Features of Crunch Tech

This piece of highly profitable auto trading software has been designed for ordinary people who don’t have any experience or skills in binary options trading.

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Review Verdict: Crunch Tech is NOT a Scam
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The interface is easy to use and understand. The sophisticated algorithms that drive the entire system are unique and since it incorporates weather forecasting technologies, the signals that are produced are extremely reliable. A 90 days free trial is available for anyone who wants to find out how accurate the software really is.

But, the best feature is perhaps its capacity to execute more than 500 trades every day. So there will be no shortage of signals and traders will always have alerts to base their trading decisions on.

Bottom Line


  • Compatible with Regulated Brokers
  • Does All the Market Research
  • Efficient in Profit Control
  • Friendly & Interactive Services


  • Available only in English
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