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BrokerHB Swiss
Website URLwww.HBSwiss.com
Support TypesEmail
Minimum 1st Deposit$250
Free Demo Account Open Demo
Deposit & Withdrawal MethodsVISA, MasterCard, Maestro, CashU, Skrill Moneybookers, WebMoney, Qiwi
Number of Assets100+
Overall Score9.6/10

Full Review

All the people who deal with online trading forex are searching for a legit way to increase their income on regular and stable basis. This is absolutely normal considering the fact that there are now so many and different online platforms that offer such kind of services. Some of them are really good and work properly, others are just scams and great frauds that only try to deceive more and more unsuspecting investors.

In this following article we are going to present to your attention a newly launched automated forex trading platform called HBSwiss. It is created and owned by Hans Berger. To develop the platform he has worked with a team of Switzerland professionals as well as with a friend of his, called Bastian Hermann. Hans is a finance specialist. Apparently, he has empowered his knowledge and efforts in order to develop a trading system that can achieve highly profitable results on daily basis. So, the software is based the Hans’ area of operation and knowledge. It is therefore expected to be able to predict what will happen on the financial and stock market with a high degree of accuracy.

Review Verdict: HBSwiss is NOT a Scam
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Our team was really impressed by both the interface of the online investing robot and the promo video which contains a lot of relevant and important information about the operational process and performance of the system. In case you are willing to learn more information about this trading platform, keep reading the following review to find out.

How to Profit with HBSwiss?

Earning significant and regular profits with this income-generating trading system is really easy and simple. The high results of HB Swiss are actually possible thanks to the quantum computing models which were implemented into the programming algorithm of the software. Hans managed to develop it with the assistance of his childhood friend Bastian Hermann. More information about how they met and decided to work together you can find by watching the promo video of the software. Combined with the trading and banking proficiency of Hans, Bastian’s models optimize the working process and execution of the algorithms and give the software unmatched calculating speed. As a result, the forex trading robot is able to achieve winning ratio of over 87%.

The interesting thing about the internal power of this spectacular trading platform is the fact that the computing models it uses are based on the sophisticated codes developed by the renowned theorists Grover and Shor. Another applied principle is that of Black-Scholes-Merton continuous equations which has been used in web-based trading for several years now, but never developed quite up to this level.

We know this may sound really complicated and too scientific, but thankfully, the interface of the robot was built with the user experience in mind. The whole website of the product is easy to navigate and understand. So, both experienced and novice online investors are given the chance to profit with it without having any problems or difficulties.

No Download Required

The interface of the forex trading system is web-based so users don’t have to download and install anything. All you have to do is log into your account and enable the autopilot mode of the robot. Still, there is an iOS and Android compatible mobile version of the platform in case you prefer to trade on the go.

Review Verdict: HBSwiss is NOT a Scam
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How to Start with HB Swiss Trading System?

There are 3 simple steps investors should complete in order to claim their access. First, you have to sign up in the system by providing some short information about your name and e-mail address. After that, you will be assigned to one of the reputable brokers the platform works with. Finally, you can start using the system by placing highly profitable trades. The amazing and professionally designed website of the product grants that everyone can accumulate stable daily income with it.


By taking advantage of the trading power HBSwiss software has, traders are able to earn up to €5,000 per day, consistently. This theory is confirmed by all the users’ testimonials we found online. The conclusion is that the system is undoubtedly one of the most reliable and successful forex robots on the market at the moment.


The access to HBSwiss is absolutely free of charge for everyone. However, there is a limit of 10 new members per day. This is due to the fact that the creator Hans Berger values the infamous Swiss service quality so he wants to provide all the members of the system with it.

Another valuable information, we managed to learn about this system is the fact that its creator Hans is planning an IPO and he wants to distribute the software to the wide trading public. Besides, he is willing to get access to more trading data as the software becomes more accurate and profitable when it has more information to analyze. We believe this explains why the access to the robot is free. You only need to invest 250 in order to fund your account but this money remains yours the whole time.

Video Preview

HBSwiss – A Scam or Legit System?

We conducted a really in-depth investigation on the HBSwiss system in order to provide you with 100% objective, reliable and relevant information about it. Based on the results our review produced, we are going to issue a positive final verdict on the software declaring that it is legit, authentic and absolutely trustworthy. A quick look at the official website of the robot is enough for everyone to see and realize that. Also, all the feedback we found in the Internet space was positive.

To sum it up, we recommend the HBSwiss software to all the people who are willing to commence a truly successful and stable online trading experience in the field of forex trading.

Customer Service

The quality of the customer support service is excellent. Our research shows that users of the HBSwiss system may reach out to the supporting team 24/7 by using one of the available channels: e-mail, phone, web form. As a result we just have another reason to be sure that the platform is legit and professional.


“I hadn’t heard anything about the HBSwiss system when I came across its official website for the first time. It seemed quite interesting and innovative to me, so I decided to watch the promo video. As soon as it was over, I registered to claim my private trading account and invested 250 in the system. On the next day, when I checked my profile, I realized that the system had earned over 1,000 on my behalf! This is incredible, and I still don’t know how to express my happiness.”

Fernanda Spencer, 56, Birmingam

“Hello everyone! I just wanted to share my positive opinion about the HBSwiss forex trading system. I have to admit that it really works and Hans has definitely kept his promise to all the people who are using this amazing and absolutely legit software. The profits I have been earning day after day are the best proof for that.”

Roberta Adamson, 34, New Castle


We believe that all the information we shared with you in this review is more than enough to show you that HBSwiss is one really amazing, highly reliable and incredibly profitable income-generating forex system. Therefore, you should seriously consider signing up in it. We definitely think that you should opt for the robot in order to become the next successful online investor. And with the help of this special platform, this will be a simple and easy task.

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