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Website URLwww.Lucrosa.biz
Support TypesChat, Email
Minimum 1st Deposit$200
Free Demo Account Open Demo
Deposit & Withdrawal MethodsVISA, Master Card, Maestro, Dinners Club, JCB, Skrill Moneybookers, Sofort
Number of Assets80+
Overall Score9.5/10

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Lucrosa System is an auto-trading solution which was designed and developed by John Lucrosa – a prominent banker who spent 8 years of his life working in the City of London. He was spending less and less time with his family and friends and this is when he decided that it was time for a change.

Mr. Lucrosa managed to acquire some profits from his professional occupation and wondered what to invest them in. Noticing that more and more people turned to the online trading solution, he decided that this would be his next career move.

Lucrosa Software’s programming algorithm is based on the Flock Effect – a concept that market patterns tend to repeat themselves after a certain period of time. It has an estimated winning ratio of 97.5% and can accumulate an average of $300 per hour or $7,000 in a single day.

Review Verdict: Lucrosa is Not a Scam

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User testimonials go on to confirm that most people have been generating these sums and this is not just a far-fetched claim. On the base of Lucrosa Ltd. System’s solid performance, we consider it to be a legit and reliable online investment tool that users can freely take advantage of.

How Does Lucrosa System Operate?

John Lucrosa is a highly educated man. When he was thinking of a concept for his investment software, he remembered studying about the so-called Herd or Flock Effect in which random everyday people began behaving the same way when placed in groups.

Mr. Lucrosa expanded the concept and began applying it to stock market trends. Seeing that most of his predictions were accurate, he gathered a team of expert programmers and developers. They implemented the Herd Effect into Lucrosa Software’s computer codes.

It took years of work, Alpha- and Beta-testing in order for the auto-pilot solution to be able to generate a steady and solid $7,000 but today it is one of the most advanced and trustworthy profit solutions on the Internet.

Interesting Fact:

The Flock Effect has been used by a number of popular entrepreneurs, financiers, and economists throughout the decades. It first rose to prominence in the 1960’s when company executives of upscale manufacturing companies tried to determine how the public would behave. If one pays closer attention to the current asset price shifts, he or she will notice that they do tend to repeat patterns.

No Necessary Download

Lucrosa robot is not one of those automated investment systems that required people to perform downloading of software or updates. It is completely browser- and mobile-friendly and those who happen to travel a lot can take great advantage of the Lucrosa app.

How to Sign Up for Lucrosa Software?

One can easily get started and register with the Lucrosa System as users do not have to do anything more complicated than entering a couple of basic details into a sign-up form. They will receive a confirmation email into their private inboxes a couple of minutes later in which they will find an applied link.

They must follow it and open a trading account with one of the designated broker platforms. Traders have nothing to worry about as the brokerages that Lucrosa System partners with are all legit and authentic. The auto-pilot solution also abides some of the toughest and strictest existing SSL standards.

The promptest manner in which one can complete the Lucrosa sign-up process and begin to trade and profit goes on as follows:

1. Free Sign Up

2. Make Small Deposit

3. Trade & Profit

Lucrosa Robot Expected Payouts

Users can expect solid daily, even hourly, returns when investing in this automated trading solution. It has the capacity to generate about $300 every 60 minutes and these are just the average earnings that people earn on complete auto-pilot. Experienced investors have no troubles accumulating well above the expected $7,000 per day.

Lucrosa System Average Cost

One of Lucrosa’s top characteristics is that creator John Lucrosa allows a limited number of people to sign up for free every day. They do not have to make any kind of investments apart from the $250 deposit which is not a payment but merely a way to fund their accounts in order to begin profiting. It can be withdrawn at any given moment. Users should keep in mind that the higher the placed sum – the more the earnings.

Is Lucrosa Software Legit or a Complete Scam?

All evidence points out the fact that Lucrosa System is a genuine, legit, and authentic investment tool. It has extremely high daily payouts that often exceed $7,000 – a monetary amount which has yet to be surpassed in the online trading world.

It also operates only with reliable and trustworthy online broker platforms and abides all existing SSL standards. Its sign up is free and founder John Lucrosa is an actual person which is also quite rare in the industry. Users can safely get started with it.

Review Verdict: Lucrosa is Not a Scam

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Lucrosa System Customer Care

As a genuine and authentic online trading solution, Lucrosa robot provides excellent customer support care. The team has undergone specific training in order to better address the possible concerns of users and offer top advice. It operates 24/7 and one can access it from every part of the globe.

User Testimonials

“Lucrosa System is one of the best online investment solutions that I have an account with. It is completely free and you can always withdraw your profits! Earnings and quite big and if I have to be completely earnest – I have never managed to accumulate as much with any other software! Everyone should try it.”

Fiona Hume, 37, Scotland

“One of the things which I like the most about this trading system is that it operates only with legitimate and authentic broker platforms. Its auto-pilot can accumulate extremely high daily earnings and one does not even have to move a finger in order to generate a solid $7,000 every day.”

Ladislau Balcerak, 48, Poland


Lucrosa System is one of the most highly-rated online trading solutions. Its programming algorithm is fully capable of providing solid daily payouts that often exceed $7,000. The software also offers free access to educational materials and the customer support service is composed only out of educated professionals. Founder John Lucrosa is also an authentic person. Users can safely get started with it as it is a completely legit and trustworthy investment tool.

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