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BrokerOption Robot
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Overall Score8.5/10

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Option Robot is a binary trading system which was released onto the market a couple of months ago in mid-2016 and has generated positive feedback from online users. It was established not by a single person, but by a group of people who have different professional backgrounds – trading, data analysis, programming and computer science.

This is actually the secret to the success of the software – it was developed and established with the sole purpose of generating sufficient monetary sums to regular people who may or may not have any investment skills.


Option Robot System operates applying a highly efficient Algo-trading algorithm that is capable of gathering vast amounts of data, then analyzing it with an accuracy rate as high as 78% and supplying users with reliable market predictions.

In order to verify its scam or legitimate status, we compiled a review based on thorough inquiries into the automated trading solution. The results are presented as follows.

How to Operate with Option Robot?

This automated piece of binary options software works implementing an advanced algorithm. The said computer codes have been programmed in such a way as to be able to identify certain patterns, triggers and indicators that help it forecast the correct way in which a particular asset’s price is going to shift.


Option Robot also offers clients three different savings management systems from which they can choose: Classic, Martingale and Fibonacci. The first one is intended for novices who need a simple, but efficient way to handle their earnings. It is known for acquiring stable and regular profits.

Martingale System involves a higher risk level, but along with it the payouts also increase. Fibonacci is usually applied by sophisticated and professional and is widely considered to be the most accurate of the three. It takes into consideration all win/loss ratios and adjust the size of the investment.

Interesting Fact:

The Classic, Martingale and Fibonacci savings management systems are widely implemented in binary options trading. Most legit income-accumulating systems offer their users the opportunity to chose one of them as they are a good mean by which one can handle his personal funds.

No Necessary Download

This binary options software is entirely browser-based and this is one of its main advantages among others. One can utilize it without view of his device as it carries out the downloading of updates completely automatically.

How to Sign Up with Option Robot?

Option Robot’s registration procedure is no different from that of most binary options robots. Traders only have to sign up by entering some of their personal details into a form and then secure their spot by clicking on a link which will be sent into their private inboxes.

One has to then pick a binary options broker from the list of regulated and trusted ones and place the minimum starting investment of $250 which will fund his account. The sum can be withdrawn at any given moment.


Withdrawals are easy and usually carried out via bank transfers. Users have to again fill out a request form and apply a personal ID copy to verify their identity. Earning will be received in no longer than 3 to 5 business days.

The most basic steps to getting started with Option Robot are:

1. Sign Up Free

2. Fund Trading Account

3. Invest & Profit

Option Robot System Expected Returns

This binary options robot allows users to trade using six different indicators: TREND, RSI, MACD, WILLIAMS, STOCH and CCI. Depending on which ones the user has turned on, he can expect at least a 70% ROI.

Option Robot Software Price

This binary auto-pilot system is available completely for free. One does not have to make any kind of deposits other than the starting one which is required only so that the user’s account can be funded and he can begin to invest and accumulate profits.

Is Option Robot a Scam or Legit System?

All available data suggests that Option Robot is a reliable and legit automated trading software. Its payout rates can reach 80% if one invests wisely and with caution, implementing the savings management systems and indicators at disposal.

Review Verdict: Option Robot is NOT a Scam

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It has a Members Zone in which customers can relax and exchange opinions about different strategies and techniques. There are also educational materials present in written and video form. Option Robot will keep one’s funds safe, secure and ever-increasing.

Trusted Customer Care Service

This binary options system offers around-the-clock and prompt customer support service. It is expected to be available in several different languages pretty soon. User feedback about it has been praising, with particular attention paid to the good manners that the team displays.

User Testimonials

jason“The Option Robot system is quite new, but I signed up with it about two and a half months ago and it is truly capable of delivering successful results. I was laid off from my job as an architect and sinking into a very deep depression, not being able to support my articles. This is when a friend of mine suggested the software and my life has never been the same again.”

Jason Thompson, 47, UK

lauren“I have always experienced financial difficulties. My family was not a wealthy one, but they did their best to support me through college. I graduated with honors and then I had to pay off my student loans. Desperately looking for a way to make ends meet, I accepted a job as a librarian. Needless to say, it wasn’t the most well-paid one. Then I accidentally stumbled onto Option Robot and all my troubles disappeared. I am now focusing on establishing a reputation in the art field and not looking back at the bad times.”

Lauren Schmidt, 29, Germany


Good_choice_stamp_t10StrategyOur exclusive review into Option Robot Software draws the line on the binary trading system with the verdict that it is fully capable of generating sufficient monetary amounts. Anyone can sign up with it and expect a successful and profitable outcome. Since the number of free spots are limited, users should proceed to safely open an account.

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