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Trading binary options can prove to be very lucrative for you, provided that you make the right decisions. But today, the Internet is packed with positive and negative reviews of almost every binary options system on the market which makes it hard to figure out which is legit and which is a scam.

The Quantum Code is a brand new product that has been launched by Michael Crawford. It is an automated system that can assist traders with their binary options trading tasks. There are huge claims of it being reliable and legit. And our investigative team supports them, as well.


As claimed by the creator, it is possible to make about $1,000 every single day by using this software. But the main question that remains for the traders is whether it is legit or just a scam.

Since we have already tested this software, we are going to present to you an honest review of what it is worth. Continue reading our Quantum Code review to know if you should consider using it or not.

How to Use?

The Quantum Code robot is a fully automated trading system that places trades instead of the investor. All you have to do, in order to start trading, is set the autopilot on.

Once you deposit $250 with your suggested broker, which is compatible with the QuantumCode, the software will be activated. You can use it on autopilot or manually, depending on your preferences.

Review Verdict: Quantum Code is NOT a Scam
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For the manual mode, you can base your decisions on the percentages of probability to win, generated by the software. It acts on them when on autopilot. When you let it place automated trades, you can predetermine the risk level you would like to carry and the amount of investment you want made per trade. Quantum Code will execute in accordance to your preferences.

No Software to Download

Quantum Code can run in a browser. You won’t have to download and install any piece of software, potentially endangering your device. You can also access the trading robot through your smart phone, if you have a browser installed.

How to Start In a Few Steps?

  1. Free Sign Up – To get started, a sign up form that exists on the official homepage of Quantum Code must be filled out.
  2. Trade & Profit – Using this auto trading solution to make profits is easy and hassle free. Just input your preferences and the software will perform as you desire. To initiate the process, just deposit the minimum required amount to fund your balance – $250.
  3. Withdrawal – when you have earned profits, you will be able to get them transferred by using any of the easy methods offered by your broker.

Experts Talk:

Good binary options robots are compatible with reliable brokers to ensure the safety of your funds and the smooth financial transactions that would occur – both depositing and withdrawing funds.

Quantum Code is compatible with trustworthy brokers, adding to its already very good reputation.



The average return ratio of the Quantum Code software can reach more than 90%, thanks to the sophisticated technology used for its creation. These accuracy rates have been verified by independent investors.

How Much Is The Cost Of QuantumCode?

There are no charges associated with using the software. Once you sign up, you can get access to it instantly. You will be directed to the member’s area where you will be provided with all the information you need to get started.

You will be put in touch with a reputable broker with whom you can register a trading account. Putting a deposit of $250 in your account with get you started with the trading process.

A Look At How It Works To Deliver Results

The Quantum Code has been designed for anyone who wants to get good returns on their binary options investments. It is driven by algorithms that make use of the Near Quantum Speed technology to analyze the financial markets.

By making use of this automated software, human emotions and room for making mistakes are eliminated. The success rate is very high because the database is updated every few seconds and there is only a slim chance of missing out on potential trading opportunities.


Quantum Code – Legit Or an Online Scam?

There is no doubt that Michael Crawford is a well known personality. He is a philanthropist and a multi-millionaire who is very famous and has appeared in popular magazines such as Forbes. He is not a hired actor.

The second thing that proves that the Quantum Code is not a scam is the reviews that we came across. Anyone who has tried the Quantum Code has something positive to say about it.

Generally, people have had a great trading experience with this exceptional piece of software. We haven’t read complaints or come across red flags that indicate that this software could be a potential scam. It is risk free and recommended for you if you wish to make additional income from the comfort of your own home.

Review Verdict: Quantum Code is NOT a Scam
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Customer Support Available

The support team of Quantum Code is active 24/7 in order to accommodate the needs of all international clients. You can get assistance in multiple languages via e-mail and live chat in the platform.


adam“When I heard of the Quantum Code, I approach it cautiously because its promises made me feel anxious. Once I signed up, I realized two things. First, Quantum Code is one of the best developed robots available in the binary industry. It is elegant, yet simple and very user-friendly. Second, it is highly efficient and accurate. In half a trading day, it managed to generate $1,200 in pure profits from a minimum deposit of $250.

I am very satisfied with its capabilities and I recommend the QuantumCode to anyone interested in making significant profits online.”

Adam Caldwell, 41, Alabama


Good_choice_stamp_t10StrategyAll those traders who have failed to make profits so far in binary options trading or have been scammed by bogus software systems, will find that the Quantum Code is a really useful system.

The software is easy to use and profitable too. It has features that minimize risks and give traders the best opportunities to place winning trades.

QuantumCode watches over the financial markets constantly and delivers accurate signals throughout the day. So if you have been searching for a reliable system all this while, the Quantum Code is your solution.

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