Trading has always been an attractive money making option for people as one can earn a lot of money in a very short duration of time provided he/she makes correct decisions. جي برخلاف تي, one can lose all their money/investment if the decision made is incorrect.

How to Build Simple Trading Strategy? – هتي پڙهڻ

It all depends upon the experience of the trader and the home work done in terms of market analysis, market news and asset research. If the decision or judgment is correct, the trader would receive a fixed amount of return on the investment and if the judgment is incorrect, the trader would end up parting away from all the investment. If you are new to trading, this article is going to be very informative for you as we are going to discuss Binary options strategies for beginners and how to make the best out of your judgments.

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Binary options strategies for beginners is the name given to this binary options strategy as it is meant for beginners who are relatively new to the trading market. It gives an opportunity for a newbie to understand how trading works by predicting the future movement of the asset. The first step in Binary options strategies for beginners involves the choice of a reliable asset on which a trader can risk his/her investment. The choice of the asset demands good amount of market research and asset research, keeping a track on the recent movements of the asset, previous quarter results, results of its competitors, performance of the asset in the current quarter and prediction of the results for the current quarter.

How Does Binary Options Strategy for Beginners Work?

how does it workBinary options strategies for beginners’ works on the basis of prediction on the basis of data supplied. There are four financial indicators to supply data on the basis of which the prediction is made. It is similar to other binary options strategies in a way that it requires a charting system and an oscillator graph to depict the movement of the asset. The four financial indicators are listed as follows:

  1. 13 Exponential Moving Average Blue
  2. 20 Simple Moving Average Red
  3. 26 Exponential Moving Average Light blue or Cyan
  4. Bollinger Band

The first three indicators are represented by lines which move around the line on the chart which represents the asset value. The Bollinger Band is represented by two lines which act like boundaries in which the three indicators are positions. The two lines of the Bollinger Band represent upper and lower limit of the price of the asset. The movement of the lines would help in predicting the future movement of the asset.

How to Apply Binary Options Strategies for Beginners?

It is important to activate the indicators in the charting system and keep a constant watch on the pattern of the lines. There are two conditions which if fulfilled, makes the prediction of the asset very easy:

  1. هن 13 Exponential Moving Average crosses the 20 Simple Moving Average.
  2. هن 26 Exponential Moving Average will cross 20 Simple Moving Average after which it will cross the 13 Exponential Moving Average.

If the above conditions are met, it is likely to happen that the value of the asset is going to cross one of the boundaries of the Bollinger Band. If the average of the three indicators is moving upward, the asset will break the upper boundary; and on the contrary, if the indicators are moving downward, the asset will break the lower boundary of the Bollinger Band. This is how the binary options strategies for beginners work. Easy isn’t it? Let’s make it more interesting with the following example.

Let’s take an asset of value 1.50 (any currency).

The upper boundary for the asset in Bollinger Band is 1.55 and the lower boundary is 1.45. Now you notice the movement of the financial indicators and observe that the lines are moving upwards. It is likely that the value of the asset will bounce above the boundary line which means somewhere around 1.55 or more. So a trader can buy a high option and bet that the price of the asset will be above the current line. So the data provided by the lines in binary options strategies for beginners makes it easy to predict the value of the asset using the Bollinger Band.

It is important in Binary options strategies for beginners to remember the colors of the indicators which would require little practice and focus. This strategy is ideal for beginners as the risk involved is minimum and gives the trader a great opportunity to understand how the trading works.

Starting with binary options strategies for beginners, the trader has further options to understand the 5 منٽ انگن اختيارن حڪمت عملي, 60 second binary options strategy and finally 30 second binary options strategy. The risks involved are minimum and gives the perfect platform to understand how trading works.

ڪيئن انگن جو دلال چونڊي?

حق پسندامان جي آن لائن واپار شروع ڪرڻ ۾ اوھان کي legit ۽ ڀروسي واري دلال سان هڪ اڪائونٽ کولڻ جي ضرورت آهي. هن ميدان ۾ ٻيا به غير regulated brokers نه آهي, shady شهرت سان انھن مان گھڻا.

اڃا, اسان جو چڱائي وارن ڏسي ۽ انهن جي بغير ڪنهن ويچار ۽ صارف feedbacks سان مهيا ڪرڻ لاء وڙهڻ آهن. انگن اختيارن واپار خطري جي بلڪل مفت نه آهي پر اسان توهان ان کي گھٽ ڪرڻ ۾ مدد ڪري سگهن ٿا.

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اسان کي توهان کي صلاح کليل کاتو مٿي جي بدعنواني جو دلال يا سان اسان جي فهرست مان چونڊيو.


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