Binary Master Mind är en ny binära optioner handelssystem som lovar att samla sina användare fina vinster. Men betyder lyckas med denna uppgift? Är det en bra vinst förstärkande lösning eller bara nästa bedräglig programvara som vill dra nytta av erfarna och nykomlingen handlare både?

We were unable to find enough information about the Binary Master Mind robot software. På grund av detta faktum vi inte att kategorisera det som en bluff eller legit en.

Det vore bäst om du begränsa dig från denna binära robot och Handel med pålitlig mjukvara testad av vårt team.

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Binary Master Mind Overview

Created by John West, Binary Master Mind is a binary options trading system. It claims to make use of transparent tools to help traders achieve their financial goals. The creator has also gone on to say that the software works on algo-trading platforms to send accurate signals which can be used by online investors to become successful.

After performing an extensive research on Binary Master Mind, we unveiled some facts which contradict with the statements made by the creator. So now, let’s take a look at what we have found and whether you can trust this automated system or not.

What is Binary Master Mind?

Binary Master Mind has been launched as a real advanced system with the potential to change the lives of online investors. Enligt skaparen, this software is a secret that has been developed by professionals who have combined experience of over 100 år.

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Med detta system, traders can get ‘super powers’ to place only winning trades. John West also stresses that when someone signs up, they will get free access to the system. But our investigation reveals that once the sign up process is complete, traders are required to add $250 to their account.

We don’t think that Binary Master Mind is a successful online trading model because the signals it generates are quite random and they rarely result in winning trades. There is also no explanation provided about how the software works and what are the features that allow it to produce positive results.

Is BinaryMasterMind a Scam?

För det första, sufficient information about the creator is not available. We also don’t have any reason to believe that the presenter in the promotional video is John West because we have seen that face many times before. The presenter is a well-known actor from Fiverr and we have seen him do many similar videos in the past.

Traders are promised significant profits on investments, but there is no real evidence of anyone achieving success with Binary Master Mind. Even the promotional video provides vague explanation about how the software operates. A reliable trading system will be transparent about its working mechanism and if BinaryMasterMind was also legit, they won’t have any reason to hide crucial information from their users. What we say is that we cannot trust Binary Master Mind because it appears to be a fraudulent system that will funnel your capital.

Still Want to Join?

Our observation of this trading system is that it lacks reliability. But for information purpose only, we will outline the steps that need to be completed to get started.

  • Registrera dig – this is a free process and requires your basic details such as name and email address.
  • Add Funds – the software will assign to you a broker and you will be required to add a minimum of $250 to your trading account. Traders must however note that making a deposit with those brokers that work with this software may pose significant risk to your funds.
  • Byta –when the software is activated to trade on auto pilot mode, it will perform trading tasks on its own. Men, there is no guarantee that it will generate profits.

Slutgiltiga tankar

There are a number of harmful applications on the market and we believe that the Binary Master Mind is just one of them. It has not been developed with the aim to help traders, but to deceive them.

To avoid becoming victims to these kinds of online frauds, it is important that traders proceed with caution or choose reliable and proven systems to trade with.


High_risk_stamp_t10StrategyThe investigation we executed into the matter whether the Binary Master Mind binary options trading software is trustworthy or not did not provide reliable enough data. Detta innebär att det är sannolikt en bluff. As Binary Master Mind can not be regarded as a profitable and safe solution, Vi rekommenderar alla våra användare att vända sig till en betrodd robot.

Detta är det enda sättet att vara säker på att dina vinster kommer att skyddas och säker.

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